why me
its true<3

its true when they say that diamonds are a girls bestfriend

because that the only thing that make us smile..

when he or a friend or someone special give it to us they understand in my eyes 

they some what no most of us is going threw……..its crazy because me personality think that if you don’t get any type of diamond from your lover the man you say you is in love with …….no diamonds he don’t understand you even if he say he loves you or cares about you. he don’t understand but if you know there love no say so then you found Mr.rite they day. i put my self is a place where i try to b the right one it hard because you wait for his reaction and there is none. that’s cool for me i mean control is not good but i like it to be equal that make the relationship better.

what do you do when your far away from home????


what on my mind

something is on my mind and i cant stop thinking about it 

when you feel like you did something wrong but it could be fix and the crazy thing about it is you did any way so now its on your mind like forever but the good thing about the feeling is you feel better just a little bit.

the thing that on your mind it becomes reality which make it worst because in your mind you have everything figure out but in reality its wrong all wrong everything is not like what you thought in you mind. the worst part it happens and everything is oc but pnething i foumd out it will never be the same after smfh……………